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Waxing everybody and Every - Body

The most all-inclusive, most non-judgmental, least painful wax you’ll ever experience!

Peaches Wax Bar

Trusted, highly rated, highly skilled, quality waxing for all women, men, transgender and non-binary.


Award Winning

A Peach Of A Team

From winning awards, to training other beauty salons how to wax masterfully, to training each other in the salon on how to wax better, how to handle difficult clients, conversations and how to handle client breakdowns (because sometimes, life just hits you in the waxing room when you jump up on that bed)… Team Peaches has an array of skills and experience to ensure you get the best wax of your life. 

Your experience at Peaches means everything to us. We have created an inclusive culture in Peaches that sees all kinds of body shapes, all skin colours, all genders and non-genders and all kinds of underwear walk through our doors. 

The goal is the same for everyone though, the goal is to leave Peaches feeling a little, (or a lot) less hairy, and a lot more confident within yourself… And that’s exactly what happens. 

In the short time you’re in Peaches, you’ll see we want you to feel cared for, feel seen, feel heard and have hair removed all at the same time. 

I can’t tell you how proud I am of the team at Peaches. 

Over the years there has been some changes to the team, and again I’m proud that most of our past waxers still keep in touch with us, some even still come to the team nights out! 

The most important thing for me is to look after my team who will in turn, look after you. 

If you haven’t already experienced Peaches, I urge you to book your next wax with us and see for yourself just how good they’ll make you feel about yourself. 

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