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We only use the best wax in the world – Perron Rigot, so you leave Peaches feeling your best and giving you more confidence than you have ever had before. Don’t just take our word for it, see what our Peachlings have to say.


Team Peaches is Hand-Picked, And Meticulous – Our team of peachy waxers are hand-picked by our Queen Peach, Kerri, ensuring the team meet Kerri’s meticulous standards that have put Peaches on the map today as the front runners in the waxing world . 


Our waxers are not graded on the length of service, but rather their skill – Being consistently flawless along with knowledge of aftercare and home-care for all skin & hair types is high on our agenda.


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How long should the hair be in order to get waxed?

To get the best results the hair should be the length of a grain of rice (long not risotto lol)


Can I shave in between waxing?



Can I get waxed whilst pregnant?

It is perfectly safe to get waxed during every stage of your pregnancy.  If you have never visited Peaches before then we ask that you wait until your second trimester.


Can I get waxed during my period?

Yes! We will be happy to wax you during your period but we would expect impeccable hygiene and a fresh tampon prior to your appointment.


Do your cater to vegans? 

Yes, as much as possible! All of our strip wax is vegan friendly and our Cirépil Cristalline, Cirépil Cashmere and Cirépil Fiorella hot wax products that we use are also suitable. From our online shop, all Peaches Wellness, Aloe Clear, Hydrea London and Ruff Stuff products are vegan friendly.

Does waxing hurt?

We will never tell you that waxing is pain-free as some areas are more sensitive than others.  We use the best the best wax on the market and are highly trained to ensure your wax is completed quickly and as comfortable as possible.


Can I get waxed and use sunbeds?

Stay away from sunbeds for a week before and after your wax.


Will my hair grow back thinner?

As the hair is removed from the root it does reduce the amount of hair that grows back with each wax.  This will vary depending on hair type and density, so even though it may grow back less it may not be necessary thinner than before.


How often should I get waxed?

For the best results we advise all of our clients to wax every 4 weeks.