Laser Hair Removal at Peaches - All You Need To Know! Peaches Wax Bar

Laser Hair Removal at Peaches – All You Need To Know!

I cannot quite believe that it’s October today. How? Where? What???

Another month has gone by in the blink of an eye and when I look back at how September was, it was another crazy one.

We had the re-brand party at the beginning of the month which ended up being an insane day! Brilliant time had by all and if you were following us on the socials, you’ll have seen just how much fun we had.

The re-brand is still underway so more changes to follow, how gorgeous is the new look though 🙂

So… this is the start of a monthly or so blog that I promised I would start back up to keep you lot in the loop with all things Peaches & beyond.

This month’s campaign is Laser Hair Removal.

This month marks one year since getting our Glasgow laser machine, so we thought it was a good place to start.

I can’t begin to tell you how much I love this machine. It’s not like any other laser hair removal machine I have ever seen and works way better (for most people) than the old school laser hair removal machines or IPL machines.

IPL for me is a temporary fix to reducing hair growth. Eventually, and too soon, for too many people, the hair grows back the way it used to.

Old style laser works more effectively than IPL because its more permanent results, however only works effectively on people with dark hair and fair skin.

SHR – the machines that we have – claim to work on ALL hair types and ALL skin types. We have, as previously mentioned, had SHR for a year now and can honestly say that we have only had ONE client, out of the hundreds of treatments we have carried out that it just hasn’t worked for. We have no idea why this hasn’t worked but it’s genuinely been a success with every other client who has had SHR.

Pretty good stats if you ask me!

Laser Hair Removal at Peaches - All You Need To Know! Peaches Wax Bar
Laser Hair Removal at Peaches - All You Need To Know! Peaches Wax Bar
Laser Hair Removal at Peaches - All You Need To Know! Peaches Wax Bar

I have had the treatment on my underarms. Being an advocate for waxing and having been waxed for years, I have very little hair on my body to contend with but my underarms were always a pain in the ass for me to grow to get waxed (think pull ups, shoulder press, any kind of gym stuff really).

I got my patch test done, all went well (in fact the patch where we did the test didn’t even grow back for my actual treatment!!) so we went ahead and started the course.

I was astounded that 4 weeks later I still didn’t need to shave! I had about 4 treatments consistently, fell away from getting it because – you know – life! But no regrowth so wasn’t bothered!

About 6 months on I’ve noticed straggly little hairs come through so have decided to actually see the course through – again though, first session and no regrowth after weeks! My hair obviously responds quickly to such a treatment because my hair follicles aren’t crazy strong which is why I don’t get regrowth, even after one session but our clients with stronger follicles are getting reduced regrowth after one session and then as the sessions go on, even less with each treatment.

It’s great for the legs, legs are something that we do wax but isn’t out most popular treatment, mainly because people don’t want to let the hair grow to then get waxed!

The beauty of laser hair removal is that you NEED to shave in between because we need the hair in its root up to the skins surface for the laser to find it. But throughout treatment you’ll find the need to shave diminishing with each session.

What’s not to love!

I don’t actually carry out the laser hair removal in any of the salons, so I don’t claim to be a pro however the team are well informed, highly trained and full of knowledge when it comes to all things laser so you’re in safe hands if you decide it’s something you’d like to try out.