Bring On 2021!

Bring On 2021! Peaches Wax Bar

It’s been a crazy year… But there has been some good! Hear about all the exciting things Peaches Salons is getting up to in 2021!

I know this years been a sh*t show…

I know this year is going down in history…

I know it’s been bad… But…

Is there anything good you can take from it?

I was sitting with Arlo while looking back at photos of this year and honestly, it looks like we have had so much fun! Not just Arlo and myself because I’ve been home a hell of a lot more. But even in the salon (when we have been able to get opened) and with friends on outdoor adventures.

No, 80% of the year or more hasn’t went as we planned it, but have any of our previous years really went as ‘to-plan’ as we had thought? Do we really meticulously plan our years out without any room for movement?

There’s a few good things that have come this year through covid for me.

!.) I’m back with both feet and a whole heart into the Beauty industry. You may if you follow me on the socials know that last year I had a few different projects on the go. I was taking my attention over to other businesses & projects because Peaches was in a place where I could almost let it run without much input.

Covid/lockdown made me reflect on what was really important to me. What did I categorically not want to let go of… Peaches.

For the first while I continued to juggle them all until I realised that it wasn’t going to work, and that I was going to get so much more out of this sh*t show if I hone in on what really matters in business… Peaches.

So the coffee shop was sold, the yoga classes were offered to another teacher and I knuckled down on strengthening Peaches.

For some witchy reason I had decided to re-brand last October… My foresight was that I wanted to turn Peaches from being the world class waxing brand to a world class salon brand. And so the rebrand took this into consideration.

Peaches Salons: Salons – Coaching – Aesthetics

I actually thought around Christmas last year that I may have made a mistake with the rebrand but post covid I’m really glad we did it.

I have had to pivot the business now more than ever and the rebrand was sitting there waiting to take the weight of the sofa (get it??? Friends??? Sorry I know that Laura will probs be the only one that gets that)….

Anyway – we made the pivot.

Here’s what’s new:

  • I’m starting my aesthetics degree in January and by the end of 2021 will be offering more advanced treatments in salon and courses in the academy.
  • We are launching new treatments to the list – mesotherapy and henna brows
  • More advanced treatments are on their way and will be announced soon
  • We are still waxing better than we have ever done with staff training happening even more often than it did before
  • We are launching a brand new training hub with videos and business support for our members
  • And so – much – more

So as you can see, this is about to turn into an epic year for you in Peaches. Something I know you’ll be excited to watch as it unfolds and something that we cannot wait to get our mitts into.

The purpose of this email wasn’t just to blow my Peachy trumpet, I wanted to give you a little hope and a little insight into how sh*t things can actually wind up as rather good…

As long as you keep you head held high and your sights set ahead of you.


Kerri x