Brow Lamination & History of Brows! Peaches Wax Bar

Brow Lamination & History of Brows!

Everyone and their therapist is talking about ‘brow lamination’ or ‘fluffy brows’.

Whether you’re a teen of the 70’s or a love child of the 70’s, you will have seen plenty of brow trends flying around. From the one line of brow liner of the Marilyn Monroe era to the untamed, unbrushed catwalk look of Cara Delivigne, we have literally seen it all and seen it again in the past 50 years.

Brow Lamination & History of Brows! Peaches Wax Bar


Short and Mod Brows

Brow Lamination & History of Brows! Peaches Wax Bar


Waxed and Arched Brows

Brow Lamination & History of Brows! Peaches Wax Bar


Thick, Natural Brows

Brow Lamination & History of Brows! Peaches Wax Bar


Skinny Brows

Brow Lamination & History of Brows! Peaches Wax Bar


Pencil-Thin Arches

Brow Lamination & History of Brows! Peaches Wax Bar


Bold Brows

I look at my daughters brows (she’s 17) and must admit, I’m slightly envious of her full brow that barely requires any maintenance for them to be ‘on point’ and up to date with todays trend. Because if like me you were a teen in the 90’s you’ll know all too well that you canny put the brow hairs back on! And boy did we do some damage to those hair follicles by tweezing them to death every other day.

Back then the specific goal wasn’t to ensure that every single photo taken of you would look like you had no brow hair, but looking back at photos, our kids would guess that the goal of no brows was exactly what we were all aiming for.

Then came along the brow pencil… the ‘defined look’. Rimmel dark brown pencil was the pencil back in the day for teens like myself. An orange based browny colour that would be, what we thought, a close match to what we thought our brow hair should be.

The truth about the attempt we all made on our defined brows with our off brown Rimmel other than a Nike tick on top of our eyes… or a sperm… yip, I said it (you were thinking it!) we were drawing sperm on our faces.

Thanks 90’s.

Roll up to the turn of the century and some of us have found brow tint! *woohoo* 🥳

Maybe not quite time to celebrate good brows yet… Brow tint, wax and define is the next brow trend to roll out. I need not say much more than this, those sperm that we were drawing on our faces, they just got darker and more defined, and some a little angry looking.

Moving swiftly on and heading into the 10’s and 20’s: Generation Z are now bringing full, bushy brows into the fashion world, making things particularly difficult for the likes of me, the 80’s child, the 90’s teen who plucked my brows to death to look like Gwen Stefani. Shit… How are we meant to get our brow hair back after all this time? 🤔

One treatment I found with a friend in 2013 was FaceFrame brows… I remember it well, Barbara called me up to say she had found this treatment and asked if I wanted to go down south, train to be a trainer and bring it up to Scotland with her. I agreed that it would be a great thing to bring up, we went down to train, glued some single brow hairs to our face then on our merry way we went back up to Scotland to offer the treatment in the salons and the training to other therapists.

FaceFrame did not work.

Oily skin? They fell off after a day.

Sweaty from gym? They fell off after a day.

A little warm outside? They fell off after a day.

Cold outside? They fell off after a day.

None of the above? They fell off after a day.

So they didn’t last long, and they took far too long to apply.

Faceframe got binned, quite quickly.

HD had already brought out definition brows along with their competition cropping up for the best, most natural looking product to give you fuller, fluffier looking brows.

There has been really good brow products produced in the last 10-15 years, pencils, powders, pomades etc. But some of us still struggle daily with getting it right.

Brow tinting and shaping helps loads but doesn’t help the poor brows of the 90’s much. There have been some descent brow growth serums brought out but sadly the ones we used and loved, recently changed their formula and we just don’t feel like it works quite as well, so we have had to remove it from our product list.

We are trialling the HD brow growth in the hope that it actually helps you brows grow though thicker – then we will add it to our product list for clients to buy.

Back to the brow trends. Last but by no means least is Brow Lamination.

The latest industry trend that is giving EVERYONE thicker, fuller, fluffier brows.

How does it work? Well if you’ve had a lash lift before, then know that it’s a similar method with your brow hair. The products are used to set your brow hairs in a way that gives them a fully and full look to them, then the brows are tinted and tidied up a little underneath to enhance them further.

The treatment lasts 6-8 weeks, although I would say your first one won’t last that long. I would have it done around 4/5 weeks after your first treatment then upkeep every 6-8 weeks thereafter. If you return before the lamination is completely out of your brows, the results will be better.

I didn’t really have high hopes for this treatment, thinking that it was another fad that had a load of hype around it without anyone really knowing if it worked. But hear me, it works! My natural brows are, in a word, shit. Brow Lamination makes me look like I have descent natural brows without having to use any brow product in the morning. Result!

So the lost hope for the 90’s brows can be found again in this latest brow trend. One that I can see sticking about for a long time.

My advice for you if you’re considering it with Peaches or with anyone else:

Make sure you look at the before & after pics… Below I’ve given you an example of what brow lamination should NOT look like, and what it should look like.

Brow Lamination & History of Brows! Peaches Wax Bar

Incorrect Brow Lamination

Brow Lamination & History of Brows! Peaches Wax Bar

Correct Brow Lamination: Peaches Salons

Brow Lamination should look natural and fluffy, not like you’ve licked a wall socket… unless of course this is the look you want… in that case, fire away!

Bring a picture that you like for your therapist to aim towards (but please don’t expect her to nail it if you have a quarter of the brow hair in the pic that you’re showing… goals to work towards are good, but take time).

Please, please, PLEASE make sure that you are asked to come in for a patch test prior to your appointment. Do not go near any salon that offers these kinds of treatments without patch testing. They do not have insurance, if they are paying for insurance, they are not adhering to their insurers guidelines. Protect yourself from something awful potentially happening… you never know!

If you end up not liking the results, you can easily brush down your brows to look like they did before. You’ll have to brush them down each morning however after a few weeks you won’t need to brush them and they will completely return to normal again. So don’t worry about getting something you’ve never had before then not liking it only to be stuck with it for weeks.

If you like them, keep them dry for 24 hours and fluff them up daily with a little spooly brush that your therapist should give you on the day of your treatment.

Enjoy your bangin’ brows ya lil trendsetter!