Life With Covid

Life With Covid Peaches Wax Bar

Life With Covid…

It’s been 7 long months now.

Lockdown happened then we slowly were able to return to ‘the new normal’ which somewhat, and to the best of our abilities resembled a little bit of life pre-covid.

Then Covid seemed to pop up a bit more here and there… and now on the 19th October we are hearing the whispers in the wind about another lockdown possibly happening.

The businesses and specific sectors that are being told to close are up in arms and the beauty industry are wide eyed watching all updates coming through incase it’s us again too that are told to close, especially since the fuck up with the updated publications last week saying that lash extensions were not allowed only for them to remove it a day or two later seeing their mistake.

Throwing Out Some Motivation

I’m writing this in a bid to throw some support out there in the form of motivation.

  • Firstly, do everything you can to keep yourself and your client safe by wearing the correct PPE. That PPE should be a grade 2 mask with 3 layers, not your fancy salon branded cloth one unless it’s got a proper filter in it that constitutes 3 layers.
  • Now when carrying out facial treatments (under the mask is still absolutely not allowed) it is mandatory to wear a face shield as well as your mask. (Wearing only a face shield is not allowed)
  • Wear disposable aprons that you remove as soon as the treatment is done with your client.
  • Goes without saying but sanitise your hands, your clients hands and all surfaces that are touched by any hands in between clients
  • Clients are still not allowed in your waiting room so be explicit with your instructions to your clients prior to their appointment and give them the heads up that they will possibly be waiting outside in the rain if they arrive early.


I can continue on but you should know this (if you need help with it, drop us an email on coaching@peacheswaxbar.com)

Today I’m here to broaden your mind and help you take action in a world that has restrictions and Covid19. A world that has less clients walk through your salon doors but just as many bills to pay.

Thriving Through Covid As A Salon Owner

Today I want you to think about what you can do to thrive through covid. Here’s some suggestions of what you should be looking at:

  • How’s your online presence? When was the last time you looked yourself up online?
      • When was the last time you gave your Facebook info an update making sure all your info was correct and your bio was recent and appealing for potential clients? Your Instagram too, when was the last time you updated your bio?
      • How does your Google My Business page look? Is all the info correct on there? Up to date? When was the last time you posted a photo on GMB?
      • When was the last time you went through every page of your website to update any copy, prices, treatments and photo’s? Is all the information correct and up to date throughout your entire site?
      • Have you made any effort with Facebook/Instagram ads and Google Adwords? If not how do you expect more people to see you when you don’t pay for it?


Then I want to ask you the question: If I am never allowed to do the treatments that are restricted at the moment, ever again (even if you see yourself only as a skin care specialist and really want to get back to it again) – if we are never allowed, ever again…. What would I then do?

Answer this question honestly… how would you thrive? What would you turn your hand? How would you pivot your business, adapting it for the forever restrictions?

Was your answer still within the beauty industry? Or was it doing something completely different?

There are still so many opportunities out there right now. But what’s happening when you only focus on what can’t be done and when the next lockdown will be is that you’re staying focused on what’s already been or what could happen without making any progress forward.

It’s time to think outside your own box. How are you going to thrive through this pandemic? Because it looks a lot like Coronavirus is not going anywhere fast…

So maybe the answer is to take the decision to thrive in the midst a pandemic rather than simply survive through til the end of it.

If this has made you think but you’re still not sure of what the fuck to do… drop me an email to book some coaching sessions and we can work together on helping you thrive through covid.

Stay Safe, Stay Peachy 🍑


Kerri x