Female Brazilian Waxing

Learn how to carry out a ‘virtually painless’, quick and efficient Hollywood/Brazilian using Hot Wax leaving your clients telling all their friends about what goes on down there!

A comprehensive exploration and practical guidance on all aspects of this crucial waxing treatment.


All waxing courses are kept to an intimate group of 3 maximum to ensure the highest quality training.


We aim to provide all models on the day of your waxing course. We believe you don’t learn enough with just 1 model therefore our goal is to provide every student with at least 3 models each on the day. Students will never be asked to practice on each other if we don’t meet this number so please allow for hair growth just incase.


Lunch provided and there’s always cakes & coffee around to continue to fuel you throughout the day.
Free refresher session if required (must be used within 4 months of your course).


1-1 students will receive 2 free refresher sessions (to be used within 9 months of your course).

Qualified beauticians. (Waxing qualification must be provided at time of booking).


1 Day

Female Brazilian Waxing Course Peaches Wax Bar