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For Fellow Salon Owners Peaches Wax Bar

One For Fellow Salon Owners

The return from lockdown was so exciting. Our diaries were full and there was furlough to fall back on if by any chance we weren’t as busy as we had hoped. We were comfortable.

At Peaches we were crazy busy, with the first month and a half of work rammed and getting to catch up with our very much missed (and rather hairy) hard core clients who had left their hair to grow.

No one was really bothering about worrying for the second wave, which we were all warned about during the first wave. It seemed that most were working away hoping & thinking that this was it.

Then the second wave hit. More restrictions around beauty and barbering, with facial treatments off the list and more importantly, less clients through the door.

I have pulled reports after reports and have most definitely got clients who haven’t been back since lockdown. Now don’t get me wrong, not every one of those clients has the same reason to not return to Peaches…

  • We have clients who have moved to someone cheaper because their financial situation has changed
  • We have clients who really haven’t had the chance to because their ‘new normal’ has meant they are not in the town or city anymore
  • There’s people who are still just too scared to come into places like salons when it’s not a high priority in their life over possibly catching the virus
  • There are client’s who have started through lockdown to carry out their beauty treatments at home and become rather savvy with home DIY beauty

Going Back To Basics

My point is there’s a multitude of reasons as to why you’re not seeing all of the faces you saw before. But that doesn’t mean that you should accept that you’re business is struggling.

For me it showed me that it’s time to go back to basics.

  • I went back in time and have started marketing the business like I used to. With ads being set up across Facebook & Google Ads, funnels that will bring new clients into Peaches and have them subscribe to our new email automations that will keep existing clients interested and get new clients in the door.
  • I am much more engaging on the socials now, concentrating firstly on the platform that gets the most engagement but not forgetting about the rest.
  • I am making sure I am consistent with posting and with keeping in touch with clients by email/text etc.
  • We have started adding new treatments to our list that clients cannot do at home. Still keeping within the restrictions, we have added new treatments and products for offering to clients so they can continue to get the best service from Peaches whether they choose to visit the salon or stay at home.
  • We are adding online shopping to our website to make Peaches a one stop for all kinda location online and in salon.

If you’re struggling with things like your online reputation or even for ideas on what to do next then you will benefit from our coaching programme. Reach out even if it’s just for a quick chat.

For now though, my advice would be to go back to basics. Treat this time like this is your brand-new business. Keep in mind the restrictions in place and do what you would do if this was new and things that were not allowed is the norm.

Have a boss week.

Kerri x