Lockdown Hair Removal

Lockdown Hair Removal Peaches Wax Bar

Hair Removal Methods

So we are a few weeks into isolation and still none the wiser on when we can open our doors.

So to get you by I thought it might be useful to give you a guide on alternative hair removal methods.

Before I begin, I’m not condoning ANY of these… why? Because I’m going to advise you to let your hair grow and have us sort it out at the other side of isolation.

HOWEVER – I know that this is a big ask of you, I also know that you may get to a point where you feel like the only thing in a moment of isolation madness that will make you feel better about yourself if to remove your hair.

So incase this materialises, here is the lowdown on other methods of hair removal while your fave wax bar is in quarantine.

Lockdown Hair Removal Peaches Wax Bar

#1: Shaving

Suitable For: Stubborn hair, thick regrowth, sensitive skin

Not Suitable For: Those who suffer from ingrown often; those who are repelled by stubble and those who get nooky on a daily basis that CBA with the upkeep of chasing the stubble! 


  • Quick
  • Painless
  • Low chance of irritation (til your hair has grown a few days of stubble)
  • Cheap as chips



  • Can be itchy AF when the stubble appears (mainly bikini for that one)
  • The good feels of smoothness is short lived – bit like eating a huge tub of ice-cream in the one sitting
  • To stay smooth most people need to shave every day
  • Chasing stubble isn’t the best use of your self-care time spent in the bath, meditation is way better for your soul
  • It’s not waxing

#2: Epilation

Suitable For: Fine hair, regular waxers, large areas such as legs and sensitive skin.

Not Suitable For: Thick and stubborn hair, those who suffer from ingrowns often and those with low pain threshold.


  • The smoothness lasts a bit longer than shaving
  • If done right, with the right type of hair, the regrowth is smoother than shaving
  • Easy to do (if you don’t mind the pain)



  • Only works for hair that is weak in the follicle (normally those who have been getting waxed for years and have seen a diminish in their regrowth)
  • Can cause ingrown hairs, folliculitis and general irritation to the skin
  • May snap the hair just below the skins surface meaning you’ll feel smooth to begin with until the snapped hair tries to make an escape through the skins surface causing all sorts of havoc
  • Painful to put yourself through
  • Takes longer than shaving and waxing
  • Its not waxing

#3: Hair Removal Cream

Not Suitable For: Sensitive skin, eczema/psooriasis or any other skin condition, fine hair as it will easily be dissolved, sensitive noses (the smell of burnt hair leaves a lot to be desired for) and finally, those with thick, course hair due to oyou probably having to leave the cream on a bit longer therefore compromising your skin.


  • Quick
  • Painless if you don’t burn your skin off
  • Doesn’t grow back quite as stubbly as it does when you shave it



  • Hurts like a bitch if you leave it on 10 seconds longer than the instructions state
  • Doesn’t always dissolve all the hair leaving bits that you can’t go over if you like your skin in tact
  • Stinks
  • Its not waxing

So there it is…

A small easy to follow guide on how to choose the best method of hair removal on lockdown if you really can’t grow your hair for much longer.

Notice how I haven’t given you a how to guide on home waxing, because I categorically do not advise any such thing.

Do you remember when we were kids and we would be play fighting with our siblings, cousins, other kids etc and our parents would tell us to wrap it because someone was going to het hurt? Well consider home waxing to be the same as this scenario. You think it’s fun at the time and will have a great outcome, but in the end someone always winds up hurt… and it ain’t the wax or the company that makes the crappy wax.

The last thing I’m going to say on the matter is this… If you can, please just grow your hair 🙂

I know its not the easiest thing to do especially when you’ve had Peaches at your beckon call for frolicking with your follicles… but my reason for saying this is that all theses hair removal methods are short lived and painfully regretted when it comes time to grow your hair back out to get back into waxing.

Your hair WILL need to be the length of a grain of rice to get a clean wax, so think about growing your shaved hair for as long as it takes to grow a (long) grain of rice out.

Or worse when you’re trying to grow it and you can’t because it’s refusing to break through the skin causing a painful ingrown that won’t let you forget about your questionable past choices.

Hope lockdown is going ok for you.

Be kind to yourself, stay safe… and stay home

Love & Light,

Kerri @ Peaches x