Male waxing

Male waxing at peaches

You’re a guy and you want waxed. You’re nervous about it and you’re not really one to ask ‘the lads’ where they would recommend to get waxed…

We get it.

Male waxing has been a part of Peaches since the beginning of time (2011 to be precise)…

You won’t be charged more for a Brazilian wax than the females, you’re treated and charged equally.

You can expect expert waxing and aftercare advice from our skilled waxers in Peaches, your appointments will be professional and quick so you can get what you need waxed, then get on with your day. 

Why Wax?

Waxing is a popular grooming option for men, as it provides a clean and smooth look that lasts longer than shaving. Waxing removes hair from the root, which means that it takes longer for the hair to grow back. This means less time spent on daily grooming and less irritation from shaving.

You can find a range of waxing services at Peaches:

  • Back waxing: Get rid of unwanted hair on your back with our back waxing service. At Peaches we only use the highest quality wax (Perron Rigot), to remove hair quickly and efficiently, leaving your back feeling smooth and hair-free.

  • Chest waxing: Our chest waxing service is designed to remove hair from your chest and torso, leaving your skin smooth and hair-free, another favourite to add onto chest waxing is underarm waxing for men, especially for holiday time!

  • Brazilian waxing: Our Brazilian waxing service is the most popular option for men. It’s the perfect wax for men who want to remove hair from their pubic area, leaving a clean and smooth look.

  • Full body waxing: Our full body waxing service is perfect for men who want to remove hair from their entire body from the neck down to the toes. Full body wax includes legs, arms, chest, back, and pubic area.


You’ll experience a comfortable and professional wax at Peaches as our senior waxers are highly skilled specifically in male waxing, and we use only the highest quality wax products to ensure a safe and effective experience.

We understand that as a male who wants waxed, it can feel intimidating, which is why we strive to create a welcoming environment for all of our clients (regardless of age, gender or anything else for that matter). Our goal is to provide a positive and stress-free experience, so you can leave feeling confident and refreshed.

Ready to experience the benefits of male waxing for yourself?

Book your appointment today and discover why our clients keep returning to Peaches.

We look forward to helping you look and feel your best!

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