Salon Treatments


We have carried out waxing treatments on over 6,000 women and men! You’ll always be put in the hands of a friendly, professional and highly trained waxer, ensuring you feel more comfortable than ever when you’re in our waxing rooms.


We only use hot wax (non-strip) for all bikini waxing and sensitive areas. For all other body areas such as legs and torso we use warm wax (strip wax). The products we use are the only products on the market that fully compliment your waxing treatments giving you problem-free, smooth skin throughout your waxing journey.

Semi-Permanent Brows

Brows that don’t wash off…


We’re delighted to bring semi-permanent brows to our resident Peaches, giving you long lasting brows that don’t require much upkeep!


Kerri and Michelle are our Peachy experts, and will be offering this treatment from Spring 2021 onwards!

HD Brows

HD Brows work to create a brow that’s totally bespoke to you. Whether you wish to grow back over plucked arches, tame bushy brows or just maintain that fresh brow feeling, we’ve got a solution for you.


With HD brows you can go about your day to day life knowing your brows always look professionally applied. Imagine the possibilities; wake up looking good, step out of the shower, the pool or gym confident that your eyebrows, eyeliner and lip line are perfectly in place.


Creating a shape that suits your face, it will enhance what you already like about your eyebrows and improve the things you don’t like.


HD Brows give you the bold brows you want without the daily makeup ritual that only smudges at the sight of water – we all know that feeling!


Each brow is measured and designed to specifically suit your face shape, skin tone and hair colour so that the completed look is natural and suits your face.