13 Things Everyone Wants To Know Before Their First Wax

13 Things Everyone Wants To Know Before Their First Wax Peaches Wax Bar


We know that getting a wax for the first time can be scary biscuits…

And you probably have a million questions you want to ask but you would rather keep getting the razor out than go through the feeling of embarrassment.

We’ve carried out thousands (literally, thousands!) of waxing treatments on our clients. So it’s pretty safe to say that not much phases us when it comes to our bodies – us waxers have seen it all, and there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Nor is there such thing as a silly question!

We’ve put together a list just for you that extends far beyond the FAQ’s on our website – we’ve really tried to think of everything here!

But..If you have ANY other questions please feel free to drop us a message on Facebook or Instagram and a member of Team Peaches will be sure to help you out.

Peaches xo

Your Ultimate ‘First Wax’ Q&A


1. How long should the hair be in order to get waxed?


To get the best results the hair should be the length of a grain of rice.

And for the purposes of waxing, we mean ‘long’ rice. Not risotto 🙊


2. Can I shave in between waxing?


No… Nothing… Nada (please!)

We’re not saying there is anything to stop you from waxing, but to get the best results we highly, highly recommend you don’t.


3. Can I get waxed whilst pregnant?


It is perfectly safe to get waxed during every stage of your pregnancy.  If you have never visited a waxing salon before, then we would recommend waiting until your second trimester before you let us get in about you!


4. Can I get waxed during my period?


Yes! The majority of waxing salons will be happy to wax you during your period. No 3 hour shopping sprees beforehand with 10 latte stops and no time though… Allow yourself time before the appointment, as most salons will expect impeccable hygiene and a fresh tampon prior to your appointment.


5. Does waxing hurt?


This is a big one. We will never tell you that waxing is pain-free as some areas are more sensitive than others.  We can’t vouch for other waxing salons, but at Peaches we use the best wax on the market and are highly trained to ensure your wax is completed quickly and as comfortably as possible.

And trust us, it gets much easier the more you let us keep you feelin’ fresh and the results are totally worth it (no shaving for weeks 🙌🏻)


6. Can I get waxed and use sunbeds?


Stay away from sunbeds for a week before and after your wax.


7. Will my hair grow back thinner?


As the hair is removed from the root it does reduce the amount of hair that grows back with each wax.  This will vary depending on hair type and density, so even though it may grow back less it may not be necessary thinner than before.


8. How often should I get waxed?


For the best results we advise all of our clients to wax every 4 weeks.


9. Do I need to strip off? How naked do I have to get?


Of course, this will depend on what treatment you’re getting. The only time you would ever be fully naked would be for a full body wax, and even then your therapist will likely do it in upper/lower half stages. For intimate waxing, your lower half clothing needs to be removed however your upper is perfectly fine!

At Peaches Salons we tell you almost immediately what we need you to do with regards to your clothing and you will always have time to prepare in the room by yourself before the treatment begins.


10. Should I shower first?


This may seem obvious to some, however we do get asked this alot and (as we said) we’re here to cover all basis!

Most waxing salons will not offer shower facilities, however it is expected that you arrive clean and in good hygiene. If you do want to freshen up before any treatment, just ask a therapist for some wipes for your pre-treatment prep and most salons will be happy to oblige!


11. Do I need to trim?


This is what your therapist is for 🙂 We’re the experts at knowing all about which way the hair is veering, wax strips and hair thickness. If your therapist does need to trim, it’s no biggy! The most important thing you need to ensure is that your hair is long enough 🙂


12. What if my therapist thinks I have a strange looking intimate area?


We would pretty much bet our lives on it that your privates are absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. What you have to remember is that we spend all day looking at peoples bodies and their most private places.. A therapist will always act in a professional manner. Honestly… you have nothing to be worried, afraid or embarrassed about.


12. Is there certain positions I need to get into for waxing?


For the majority of waxing treatment, all you will ever need to do is lye on your back on your treatment bed. Your therapist will inform you and guide you into positions if need be. They will only ever be done to ensure you get the best wax possible.


13. How do I maintain and manage my newly waxed area after my treatment?


At Peaches, being consistently flawless along with knowledge of aftercare and home-care for all skin & hair types is high on our agenda and our therapist will advise you before you leave.

The best way to ensure you upkeep your fresh look and manage hair growth appropriately is to immediately book your next session upon completion. Leave the salon with peace of mind that you’re looking after yourself and everything is already organised. Oh, and you don’t need to do anything to those pesky areas for at least a few weeks!!

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