A bit about Peaches


You can have waxed any hair on your body except your beard (if you have one), and the hair on your head (if you have any). Any other hair can be removed.

Every other hair on your body can be removed and Peaches can remove it safely, quickly, and as comfortably as you get when it comes to waxing*.

*waxing is never ‘pain-free’ or ‘painless’, don’t let anyone fool you into believing it, it is however as painless as you can get when it’s done properly (iow – by Peaches).

When you get waxed at Peaches you’ll experience our highly skilled waxing techniques that have been designed and developed over the last 15 years by Kerri, (aka Queen Peach) and passed down through her generation of waxers to bring to you the most comfortable, fast, efficient wax around.

Skilled so much so that Peaches is the go-to waxing brand that other salons and waxers visit to be trained and upskill for their own salons! So if you’ve had a good wax elsewhere, maybe they’ve been trained by Peaches!

With years of experience in waxing, training all over the UK and an extensive staff training plan that all the team go into from day 1 of joining Peaches, you’re in the safest wax hands in the industry.

You might notice when booking that you have a choice of waxer, this is due to the experience and level of training that each team member has had (so it’s not just time served!)

Here’s a breakdown of what to expect with each waxer for when you’re booking your wax:

  • Cadet – new to Peaches (not new to waxing) but new to the way we wax. Has passed the initial Peaches Cadet training which begins with female Hollywood waxing and female Brazilian waxing then moves on through the weeks to do leg waxing, underarm waxing and then brows waxing and brow lamination.

  • Consultant – not new to Peaches, has undergone 6 monthly training in Peaches since the start and can confidently wax all female body hair along with male, trans and non-binary body hair.

  • Senior – has been around Peaches for a little longer, can confidently wax all bodies, everywhere.

  • Head waxer – is in charge of the salon while waxing the world if there’s not a manager around to take the reins.

  • Manager – Michelle is the manager of Peaches, she’s an OG (been with Peaches since 2013)! She can wax everyone, but generally has a closed book for her regulars only. Michelle manages the team of waxers and admin, keeps the salon vibes high and clients hair regrowth low.


Although we have a few levels of experienced waxer to choose from we have a 3 tier pricing structure to keep it simple for you and to give you the choice if price is something you have to consider. 

We believe that no matter who you choose at Peaches for your wax you will be in safe hands, you will be pleasantly surprised and if you’ve been unfortunate to have a bad waxing experience in the past, you’ll be converted back to waxing with a smile on your face, especially after a Peaches wax.

NB > If you’re going through Sex Reassignment Surgery or have plans to, speak to us, we can help you remove the unwanted hair as you go through the surgery.

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