Your brows, being the frame to the windows into your soul (your eyes and face) matter. They matter a lot. 

This is why brow waxing is a treatment that, as a Peaches waxer, you have to work towards. Meaning we don’t let any waxer loose on brows until they’ve undergone the multiple training sessions (and passed them) on the Peaches Progression Programme.

Your waxer is your brow artist.

Your waxer will guide you to your ideal brows with a plan in place, recommending not only treatments, but the roadmap on how to get there (if it’s possible)!

You will be guided with what products to use, which treatments are best for you and how often to visit to get the results you’re after. 

Brow treatments available to you within Peaches are:

  • Brow wax – a simple, yet effective way to make your face look a little tidier and your eyes a little more open

  • Brow wax & tint – same as above but with the added bonus of making your brow hair a different shade to look even better as the Frame to your face (you’ll need a patch test for this!)

  • Brow lamination – the trend from 2016 that stuck. Brow lamination uses a similar chemical process to lift your brows, make them fluffy then we tint and shape them. (Again, you’ll need a patch test for brow lamination).

  • HD Brows – Definition brows – the famous 7 steps to beautiful brows using brow mapping, tinting, waxing, threading and HD makeup to finish.