hollywood Waxing

Hollywood Waxing

Bikini waxing, also known as Hollywood waxing, brazilian waxing or intimate waxing, isn’t just for the girls. 

It’s for everyone… every – single – body.

You have an entire treatment list for bikini waxing (or intimate waxing as it’s also known) to choose exactly what’s right for you. And just like a great cocktail bar, if there’s something that isn’t on the menu, we can try our best to wax it for you (if it’s within the Peaches rules below).

Using the highest quality wax all the way from France, with the best techniques (the ones that made us famous for our Hollywood waxing!) Peaches can guarantee you’ll have the best waxing experience of your life!

Your waxer is part of the team of waxers that helped put wax bars on the map. Now there are many to choose from across Scotland and the UK, Peaches though, is where it’s at. 

You don’t have to worry about what’s in your pants as we wax every body imaginable. We pride ourselves on being a body positive, all inclusive waxing salon that will make you feel nothing less than a smooth human. 

When it comes to waxing your intimate bits, we only ever use hot wax, also known as non-strip wax or peel-able wax. This ensures you undergo a safe, quick and comfortable wax with minimum irritation to your skin and hair follicles. 

What’s the difference between all the bikini waxes?

Glad you asked… Read on to see the answer you’re desperately seeking:

  • Hollywood waxing this is all off, every bit of pubic hair is removed.

  • Brazilian waxing is the same as Hollywood waxing except we leave a neat little landing strip of hair on the pubic triangle.

  • Thong waxing is all the hair removed from out-with where your thong would sit so you can wear a thong but still have hair down there (just no spider legs creeping out the pants!)

  • Basic bikini is just a little tidy up around the outside of where your normal pants would sit.

The same waxes are available to every gender so it doesn’t matter what anatomy is under your pants, if you want the hair waxed we can wax it for you.

When you’re booking your wax, you’ll see that next to the waxers name will be their experience level. 

  • Cadet – new and newly trained the Peaches way, 1st grade of treatments passed in training.


  • Consultant – more treatments passed in training and more time served in Peaches.

  • Senior – can wax absolutely everything on every body out there


  • Head waxer – in charge when the manager isn’t around, and can wax every body.

  • Manager – or ‘Momager’ as the gals like to address her, Michelle is a Peaches OG, the first ever employee back in 2013 and has graded up to Manager from then on! Her diary is normally closed to regulars only and then she has time to keep the salon goings-on in ship-shape.