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Male Waxing Glasgow & STIRLING

Male waxing is something that’s been around for a long time, like, years! We have been waxing men, women, non-binary and transgender humans since the beginning of time (for Peaches).

Waxing so long, over so many years, allows us to notice trends and habits of our clients. Male clients in particular have little quirks that we notice:

  • They generally don’t talk much about getting waxed to their pals
  • They generally stick to all the aftercare like a grade A student in school would study diligently
  • They want to get the wax done quickly, but done well and they don’t want to hang about the salon too long
  • They generally become a client for life

Being a guy who doesn’t like body hair is common, and it’s tough. You generally have thicker, stronger hair than the other human genders and when it’s unwanted hair it can be difficult for you to find the right people to go to to get rid of it.

I’ve now waxed thousands of men, since 2009, passing on my meticulous skills to my team who I train on a regular basis regardless of their experience in and outwit working in Peaches.

This is what makes us the best, most experienced waxers this side of the River Clyde!

You can book any wax with us from a male brazilian wax, a Male Hollywood wax, to male body waxing such as back waxing, chest waxing and underarm waxing.

Just hit the book now button, follow into the Male waxing section and choose your wax. It’s that easy

Why Peaches?

We believe you deserve to feel your best every day of the week. In a world that can be so doom & gloom, we bring you neon beams of fun and good feels.

After visiting Peaches you’ll experience for yourself a confidence inside that you feel walking out the salon, confidence that you’ve never felt before.

Have you experienced ‘that feeling’ when you’ve braved your Hollywood wax and leave feeling #freshAF?

No one needs to know what happens under your pants… We know though, we know it’s a great Hollywood wax.

What you’ll learn

Kerri Angus
Founder, Director, ‘Queen Peach’ - Peaches Wax Bar

Your newbie guide has been written with love by myself in the hope that you feel fully prepared & a little less nervous about getting your first wax with us, whether that’s your first ever Hollywood wax or Brazilian wax, or it’s simply your first wax in Peaches. Its a guide for everyone who hasn’t been to Peaches before to ensure you are chill about your upcoming wax and so you get the most out your wax with us.

See you soon, Kerri x

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Psst! Hollywood waxes and Brazilian waxes are the same wax except one small difference… A Hollywood wax is absolutely all hair removed from your intimate bits and a Brazilian wax is all hair removed from your intimate bits but leaving a little, neat landing strip on top 🙂

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