Our Story

Once upon a time (2010 to be exact)…


The Peaches tale begins at a time when there were a lot of beauty salons out there but none that specialised in waxing. Most venues tended to do waxing as a treatment on the side. Unfortunately that tended to be reflected in the standard of waxing.


Introducing Miss Peach: Enter Queen Peach, Kerri. Not content with sub-standard waxing or products (or anything else for that matter), she decided enough was enough and the idea for Peaches Wax Bar was born. Queen Peach studied, trained and worked under a range of Brazilian waxing experts from around the world, developing the renowned Peaches waxing technique that keeps Glasgow smooth and sexy today.


Today she holds yet another title as Brand Ambassador for Perron Rigot.


Expanding Peaches HQ: It turns out that there were other girls and guys who appreciated meticulous waxing and our list of peachlings (our loving clients) grew and grew. With demand going through the roof, Team Peaches had to expand the Glasgow salon to ensure that all our customers are kept smooth and preen no matter what day of the week it is. As a result, Queen Peach has had the privilege of being able to handpick some of the best waxing experts around.


The Peaches Way: It’s been one hell of a journey, so far. But not a company to rest on laurels, Peaches will continue to do everything possible to ensure our peachlings leave our salons with the perfect wax every time. This means continually improving our services by holding staff training every six weeks to ensure every Peaches waxer is at their utmost standard. This is and always will be the ever improving Peaches brand.


Oh, one more thing… why are we called Peaches? Why not?

We are Peaches Wax Bar and waxing is our passion.